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Boom Baby Boomer is a website designed to inspire and inform baby boomers but we certainly welcome everyone! It contains well-researched articles you can easily read and understand in ten minutes or less. There are also real-life experiences we can all learn from and videos specifically targeted to families coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia. As baby boomers we need good information on finances, health and caring for ourselves and our aging parents. We hope you will make this website your first stop when looking for answers or inspiration. 

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Paula's Garden

By Julie Anderson

Does just the thought of getting down on your hands and knees to garden make your back hurt?

Many baby boomers grew up helping their moms pull weeds, dreaming of the day they could grow their very own vegetables. In their twenties and thirties they planted enormous gardens, they downsized a bit in their forties and then they turned 50. (Click read more below)

Writing the Next Chapter

By Julie Anderson


"Hi I'm Julie Kramer, I write a series of mysteries about the desperate world of television news."

With those words, author Julie Kramer introduced herself time and time again August 13, to readers during a book signing at the Cherry Street bookstore in Alexandria, Minn. Kramer, a baby boomer at 52-years-old, is becoming a well-respected and widely read author on the national scene. The Minnesota native reinvented herself after leaving her career as a television producer. I used to work for her when she ran the WCCO I-Team. More than a decade later she is selling books and I am writing about her for my website.


Kramer's mystery series revolves around a character named Riley Spartz who is a hot shot investigative reporter for Channel 3; a fictitious newsroom that looks and feels a lot like WCCO. Kramer's latest book is titled Killing Kate. Before that she wrote: Stalking Susan, Missing Mark and Silencing Sam. Believe me, they are all page turners that have you cheering for Spartz as she challenges her boss and the cops to get her investigative reports on the air. Kramer takes you inside the world of television news as few can. She knows what Spartz is up against in a television world that rises with every household that watches the late news and falls with all those who turn away.

The Lamplighter

By Veronica Hinke


HJust married couplee fixed her lamp – and their path to a new life together was lit.

Plenty of baby boomers hire dating services or turn to online matchmakers to meet that special someone. But Wayne and Jeanne Kroeplin recently learned that someone very special could be sitting close by in church every week - even for 30 years or more.

That was their experience. Wayne and Jeanne attended the same church for much of their adult lives -- but only just recently spoke for the first time. Now, they are married.

It all started with a broken lamp.

Bunions Be Gone!

Observations from a Bunion Surgery Veteran

By Kristine Chapin


Bunionectomy. A mention of the word can curl the toes of young women who still slip into fashionable shoes without a single thought of throbbing pain. Yes, even they have heard about it. It's out there, like crow's feet and liver spots. Someone's mother or sister or girlfriend had bunions removed and said it was pure hell.

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