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Inspiring People

Inspiring people motivate us to really focus on what we want to accomplish in this life. No matter our age, we can achieve our goals but to do so means moving past the talking-about-it phase and actually doing it.

At Boom Baby Boomer, you will read about men and women who are inspirational. Maybe you or some you know could be featured next. If you know an inspiring person e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Diane's Dream

By Julie Anderson


And so it began. My cousin Diane Gardner, her daughter and a dream; on a very special day would stand at the exact spot her ancestors entered America. "I thought," said Diane, "how significant would that make my 60th birthday?" The spot was Madawaska, Maine.


Diane and her daughter, Josie Steiner, spent an entire year making this dream trip come true. They raised money the old-fashioned way. They worked for it. And of course, they convinced their loving husbands to support them. Together they held garage sales, collected reward points on credit cards, tried a scratch-off lottery ticket and won $150 and they saved, saved, saved.

A Journey for Her Mother

By Julie Anderson


The whole point behind the Boom Baby Boomer website is to help us do better than those who have gone before us. Take better care of ourselves and better care of each other. This website didn't even enter my mind until I met Judy Berry: a woman who owns and operates two amazing Alzheimer's/Dementia facilities, a woman who makes a difference every single day, a woman I am proud to introduce as a Boom Baby Boomer 'Inspiring Person.'

The Long Trip to Arlington

By Julie Anderson


When a new friend brought over an audio book I was intrigued. I'd never listened to one before. The audio book changed my life and I think it could change yours, which is why author Kathryn Jeffers is the first 'inspiring person' to be featured on Boom Baby Boomer.

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