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Aging Parents

When our parents age we encounter a new set of issues to deal with: making sure wills are current, finding senior housing, fighting for much-deserved veteran benefits and yes, preparing for a funeral and the issues that come later. At Boom Baby Boomer we will provide you with inspiring and informational stories and reports to make this journey a bit smoother.

Cost and time-saving tips when the first parent dies

By Julie Anderson

When my dad passed away from pancreatic cancer we were understandably heart broken. But, we comforted ourselves knowing he had made out a will four and a half years earlier when my mom died of cancer. What we didn’t know was my dad should have taken some additional steps after my mom died.

We learned a number of lessons that can save you money and time:

Answers in an Instant - Resources You Need When Researching Nursing Homes

By Julie Anderson


Baby boomers have many reasons to move their parents to a nursing home or assisted living facility. It's undoubtedly a time of great apprehension for both child and parent. When I ask older people what they fear most about moving into a facility, many tell me it's the chance a staff member will abuse them physically, emotionally or yes, even sexually.


As an investigative journalist, I am especially proud of the work I have done to make others aware of the abuse of our elderly. Over the years I learned two things. One, there are really great nursing homes and assisted living facilities with some of the nicest, hardest-working people you'll ever meet. Two, there are some really questionable people who manage to get hired despite background checks.

At War With the VA

By Michael Courteau


August, 2012

I sat in the assisted-living apartment with my father and awaited her call. A field agent named Paige would phone any minute to inform us that she had arrived and would need directions to the apartment.

She was coming to ask my father and me a few questions and to have us sign a few forms. I was to be named the official Federal Fiduciary for handling more than $17,000 in retroactive benefits from the Veteran's Administration that had accumulated since we filed our claim for a Veteran's Pension and a Regular Aid and Attendance benefit in April 2011.

Paige, the field examiner, paid us a visit under the pretense of having us sign forms, but I surmise that the real motive for her visit was to determine whether or not there was a living, breathing veteran claiming the need for regular aid and attendance. In short, she came to rule out fraud.

Making the Move

By Julie Anderson


When is the best time to discuss with an aging parent the idea of making the move to an apartment or assisted living? It's a difficut subject to bring up.

Charlotte Howard’s Eulogy

By Julie Anderson

My mom asked that we celebrate her life. And that is easy to do because it was a life well-lived.
She had such a wonderful impact on so many people. The proof of that is by how many people put aside their aches and pains and took time off work to drive so many miles to celebrate her life.

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