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As baby boomers we have seen a lot of technological advances. While 8-track tapes may not have been the best idea, most of today's products are very useful. 
The problem is keeping up. In this section we'll explore not only products but new ways to communicate. 

Bob the FaceTime Sock Monkey

By Julie Anderson


What do a giant sock monkey named Bob, a grandparent called Papa and a computer tablet known as an iPad have in common? Combined, they make a perfect way for baby boomers to communicate with grandchildren. We'll have much more on how Bob the sock monkey is creating conversation but first a little history.Kim Ketterhagen and his wife Terry live in Oakdale, Minnesota. Kim's daughter Melanie, her husband 'T' and their two children 10-year-old Drew and 7-year-old Carly live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It's a six hour drive so they only see each other about four times a year. In between they used to talk on the phone. "It was nice to hear their voices but little kids are not good phone talkers," Kim remembers. "I would ask Carly about school and she would say it was fine."




In our ever changing world, one of the newest and trendiest terms is blog. You can't get together with friends or family without someone talking about what they read on so and so's blog. So what is a blog anyway? Well it's basically a journal that is online for everyone to read. And that makes it different from the journal many people keep to record their most private thoughts. A blog can be pure entertainment or it can be full of great information