In our ever changing world, one of the newest and trendiest terms is blog. You can't get together with friends or family without someone talking about what they read on so and so's blog. So what is a blog anyway? Well it's basically a journal that is online for everyone to read. And that makes it different from the journal many people keep to record their most private thoughts. A blog can be pure entertainment or it can be full of great information

and insightful observations. One of my favorites is Alzheimer's Speaks. A blog written by Lori La Bey. Her mother, like so many others, has Alzheimer's and La Bey takes us through the challenges and rewards that come with caring for a loved one with this disease. But she also gives a voice to other caregivers. They write in with their personal situations and La Bey responds with helpful advice. She also links her readers to a wide variety of resources. Check it out.

My work colleague, Trish Van Pilsum, has a much different type of blog. She writes about life and current events in Minnesota, about raising her two teenagers, about faith and gratitude and about cooking and baking. Believe me she is a fabulous baker. We love it when she brings treats to work. Her blog is full of beautiful pictures and inspiring words. It's really fantastic. To read it yourself go to Off Camera with Trish Van Pilsum.

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